You have 3 seconds to grab your customers attention.

Today more than ever, our customers rate us on how quickly we can deliver as much as the quality of our products or services.

When IT Matters

So you want technology to help your business and not hold you back.

BARRON IT listen to you, we take the time to really listen, hear and understand what matters to you. BARRON IT is a boutique technology firm with experience across a range of markets.

Our principal consultant Jeff Barron, has close to 20 years of experience providing solutions to firms of all sizes and across a broad range of markets. Jeff has a passion for technology and enabling businesses to reach their full potential. He has a strong interest in how Technology impacts business operations, sales and marketing, employee satisfaction and the balance sheet.

We keep our prices affordable by using common and well worn technologies. In fact we try to steer clear of "bespoke" solutions because we know it is possible achieve similar results without the high cost of "custom" designs.

What we do

Simple really. We help you use technology effectively.

Desktop, server, network support

BARRON IT will help you with everything concerning technology in your business including:
Online marketing
Desktop support
Server support
Disaster recovery
Network support
Strategic planning

Web Sites

Build, manage, host or set up websites that invite your customers to buy from you.

Assist with web Search Optimisation, and social marketing campaigns

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